i am a woman not of your dreams who wears a red sexy garter and seduces your lips.also not from the movies who walks with swaying hips close to your ears and licks your lust.
i am a woman with eyes wearing independence. a woman with unfathomable soul. sure you can’t cage. a woman that will leave you breathless at nights not from sex but mindful conversations. also a woman that loves unconditionally.

Jaserah Syed

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across the globe – part i

he traversed to a land far away from his own.
leaving behind, the antique walls that once absorbed, each cackle and each whisper of woe.

the narrow bridges, he crossed to get a glimpse of the graceful dance on the horizon.

the boughs, he climbed and inhaled a few drops of hope and many sips of faith.

everything is history.

Jaserah Syed


across the globe – part ii

he explores a new world away from his sanctuary.

he sniffs the perfume of the new walls and walks fresh, shiny lanes of love everyday. 

listens to psalms sung by orioles.

and knocks every window ardently for cups of warmth.

forgetting the columns of gold.

Jaserah Syed

kingdom of papyrus

​the potent saffron-amber flames adure my Kingdom.

i must ache everywhere, these able bones don’t leave its sanctuary, this flesh doesn’t perish.

I must weep and wail and mourn over billions of victories and zillions of wealth.

i must command my men to relieve the blaze.

but my hearts capers with mirth, i smile, for I saved my quill & papyrus sheets tonight.

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Lonely in a herd of souls
What are my sins and fouls?

I am forlorn.
And stand beneath the dark sky till dawn.

Only the stars my jovial company.
I pour my heart to them.

They’re better than the souls
Because they do not point out my sins or fouls.
Jaserah Syed


when our lips touch, i hear the sounds of our veins singing ballads.
every sinew dancing in perfect symphony. every erratic beat echoing divine chants of love.
Jaserah Syed

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