stories of strong women are tucked in streets of my city. and the horns guffaw speech "how man is ultimate for the country" amidst the acid rain falling into the bowls of the beggars. the screams spit blood, the hands bloom guns and the throats spurt roars.


gathering at the verses

and the buried dirt sings under the crimson light. there is a gathering beneath the silver skies. pears of the mud imbrue in the verses coming off my tongue and perfumate the souls of very humans. the birds have opened their wings and their beaks. with sentences adjusted precisely in their throat. they drop them… Continue reading gathering at the verses

// not an object of sex //

i am a woman not of your dreams who wears a red sexy garter and seduces your lips.also not from the movies who walks with swaying hips close to your ears and licks your lust. i am a woman with eyes wearing independence. a woman with unfathomable soul. sure you can't cage. a woman that… Continue reading // not an object of sex //

across the globe – part i

he traversed to a land far away from his own. leaving behind, the antique walls that once absorbed, each cackle and each whisper of woe. the narrow bridges, he crossed to get a glimpse of the graceful dance on the horizon. the boughs, he climbed and inhaled a few drops of hope and many sips… Continue reading across the globe – part i

across the globe – part ii

he explores a new world away from his sanctuary. he sniffs the perfume of the new walls and walks fresh, shiny lanes of love everyday.  listens to psalms sung by orioles. and knocks every window ardently for cups of warmth. forgetting the columns of gold. Jaserah Syed

kingdom of papyrus

‚Äčthe potent saffron-amber flames adure my Kingdom. i must ache everywhere, these able bones don't leave its sanctuary, this flesh doesn't perish. I must weep and wail and mourn over billions of victories and zillions of wealth. i must command my men to relieve the blaze. but my hearts capers with mirth, i smile, for… Continue reading kingdom of papyrus